320+ GRE Score Secrets Right Here!

Guaranteed 320+ on GRE

320+ GRE Score Secrets Right Here!

Give me 6 hours to chop down a tree, and I will spend the first 4 in sharpening the axe- This kind of preparation is pretty much the same when it comes to the GRE. One can draw parallels and realise how preparation is key to acing an exam. A 320+ in the GRE is certainly no easy task, but it isn’t impossible either. Here are some winner hacks:

The word list

Memorising the meanings and the application of almost 3500 words is a mammoth task. But more important than that, is how to get down to doing it. To start with, focus on high priority words- these are words that are more likely to be used and understood with context. For the rest, our approach is simple- the best way to crack the words list is to incorporate it into your everyday life. Speak the words, use them in the correct context. Read beyond the list of 3500 words. Pick up non-fiction books and spend 30 mins a day in taking them in. Critique bits of reading at ever possible juncture. Other alternatives are hearing podcasts and audio pieces to understand the relevance of the use of words.

Timing is key

You have 20 questions and 35 mins/ 20 questions and 30 mins- to solve – that’s 90 seconds for each answer.

Allocate your time in such a manner that you set a target of completion. This will come only with practise. Another way to get this going is to understand that there are multiple ways to crack an answer. Perhaps yours isn’t the only way. Approaching a question through alternative methods is key to working under time pressure. There is always a more efficient way, although it may not be the preferred way. EduPeer offers this alternative method of solving.

Create your own GRE diary

Use a pen and your fingers to open a diary and jot down all the formulae that will aid quant problem solving. Shortcuts and hacks too. Mental math tip and tricks as well. This is your go-to book when it comes to going back to the basics. Include diagrams where necessary. Don’t just simply memorise but learn the actual concept. Once you have understood the concept, then practise problem solving. Then solve extra sums. If you get stuck somewhere, analyse the mistake. What part of maths is bothersome? Get behind this and solve it. Self- analysis- and let me reiterate, in your own handwriting, will go a long way. Note down your corrections in order to minimise mistakes. Break up your bigger goals into smaller goals- and set milestones to achieve them

Eliminate distractions

By distractions here, I not only mean regular household/ work/ peer group distractions, but I mean the distractions of the questions itself. GRE questions are designed to distract you. Let’s look at the RC.

The questions are designed so as to be complex, boring and sometimes even ambiguous. Understand this from the start and breakdown the passage into bits. This will help to analyse the passage better. Mark facts and make notes. The answer lies in the passage itself, so if you get bogged down with the verbosity, remember this is just a trick in the book of GRE.

Ace tip- Don’t read the questions first! That is bound to cloud your thinking and you will make assumptions and imagine details that are not even present in the passage.

Replicate mocks

Mocks are essential to take in order to understand the nature of the test. It’s a 3.5 hours exam and requires your energy and mental stability. To tackle this, you must create an environment closest to the test day. Keep to the same time, the same foods and even the same kind of clothing so that you can really get into the groove of it. Try this a few times before test day.

Understand computer-adaptive testing

GRE is a computer adaptive test. The difficulty levels of the questions depend on your performance. The more mistakes you make, the system will throw up easier questions and your score will therefore drop. Understand the GRE syllabus and tackle this accordingly and you will be able to achieve your target score

Build habits

EduPeer offers 4 key points

Self-Analysis- Write your own notes

Practise- 120 to 150 hours of GRE prep over a 3month period

Read – 30 mins every single day over diverse topics

Patience and discipline- Go back and read line 1 of this blog.

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