How To Prepare In The Days Before The Exam

How To Prepare In The Days Before The Exam

Students are in the last leg of their current grade and are gearing up for the finals. With the exams approaching soon, we understand that pressure can run high. The exam-related stress can be all the more if you are gearing up for boards. You have expectations to meet, manage time to cover your syllabus and solve past question papers.

It is normal to feel jittery as the exam dates approach. Some amount of worry is always beneficial as it helps you prepare well for your exams. However, some students can get extremely overwhelmed and cannot sleep due to exam stress. If that is you, here is what you can do to alleviate your worries.

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Make a Time Table

Making a timetable and sticking to it is the easiest way to prepare well for your exams. Evaluating your progress at the end of the day will send a signal to your brain that you are in control of your studies.

When making a time table, divide your day into sessions of 45 minutes each. Taking frequent breaks will recharge your brain. Include topics that need more work during the first half of the day when your mind is fresh. When you feel tired of learning new stuff, you can move on to revising topics that you know well.

Study a Mix of Subjects in a Day

While making your time table, make sure that you study a variety of subjects every day. Learning theory all day will exhaust you more. Add some problem-solving and interpretation work in the day to give your brain a break.

Once you start doing this, you may notice that you are motivated to finish the current subject and jump on to the next one.

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Do Not Compare

Avoid asking your friends how much portion they have covered. Everyone is on an individual journey, and comparing yourself to them will not give any positive results. If they have covered more portion, you may feel you are lagging and stress yourself.

Keep Your Distractions Away

When you are exhausted from your studies and want a break, you may want to use social media. While it may succeed in distracting you, cutting off from these platforms may become a challenging task. Apart from this, you may stumble onto disturbing content that could play on your mind and upset you.

During your exams, it is best to keep away from social media. To take a break, you can go for a walk, listen to your favourite playlist, or dance for a few minutes. These will give your mind a healthy dose of dopamine to feel fresh when you start studying again.

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Don’t Touch a New Topic

If you have left a topic during your pereparation time, it is best to leave it at the last moment. Firstlt, understanding a new concept and learning the theory will be time consuming. Secondly, you won’t be able to reach a level where you can solve complex problems related to the topic. Learning something new may also make you forget what you have memorised till now.

Accept the fact that you have missed something in your preparation.
Instead, focus on what you know and lightly review those topics to avoid making mistakes. Unless it is a small concept you can confidently finish within your schedule, you may as well leave it.

Take Care of Yourself

Finally, the most important part is to look after yourself in the days leading up to your exams. You don’t want to fall sick or be so tired that writing your exams seem like a mammoth task. Eat well and pack in a full night sleep during your day. Avoid junk food and healthy, home-cooked meals.

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