International Education: Is it for you?

International Education: Is it for you?

With a staggering increase in the number of students who are studying outside their home countries—5M compared to 2.1M in 2000—one can see that the global landscape of higher education is changing. If you are one of the people who are considering another country as the destination for your further education, you may want to keep the following in mind.

Expanding Your Horizons

For many international students, one of the main reasons for studying abroad—aside from getting away from your parents—is the opportunity to grow holistically by getting fully immersed in a foreign country. While living in your host nation, you will be able to firsthand experience its people, culture, landmarks and much more. It is generally a life changing experience, for the better, where you learn new ways to think, solve problems and approach life.

Making New Connections

Whether it takes you one bus stop to get to your college, or two plane rides, you are sure to meet and make new friends wherever you go. But when you study abroad, you have a special opportunity to meet people from different cultures and backgrounds, and the chance to learn from each other.

Many lifelong friends are made in college, and you will be able to grow and learn in terms of global discovery and understanding, while making lasting memories. These international connections can help you in unexpected ways whether it is the next step of your higher education, career opportunities, business partnerships, or even travel.

Personal Growth on Steroids

Completing a college education can be difficult, and it becomes even more difficult when you are on your own in a new country. You may find yourself confronted with obstacles that challenge your self-reliance, independence, decision making and possibly, your communication skills.

As you overcome these challenges, you will begin to discover yourself, develop a new perspective, and gain important life lessons that cannot be learned in classrooms. The resilience and adaptability that you learn during this time can help you in personal and professional situations.

You’re hired!

While there are many benefits to attending a college or university, many people consider better career prospects as one of the primary reasons. Attending a highly regarded university, with a highly ranked academic department, gives confidence to your prospective employers that you will be able to add value to their organization. Your international experience may even be the difference that separates you from other candidates.

The world is increasingly more connected in the 21st century and people who have the skills needed to work with their counterparts in other countries are highly sought after. Anyone with experience of living in more than their home country is considered more suitable for these jobs that are growing every day.

Marching on

Similar to prospective employers, graduate schools highly regard students who have an international experience. If you are thinking of joining a graduate or postgraduate program, an international education at the previous level can open new doors. Students who have studied abroad demonstrate their willingness to face new challenges and find their way out. The road can be long, arduous, and costly for graduate programs in the STEM fields, so admissions offices select for candidates that have displayed a high level of commitment. Studying abroad demonstrates that you are committed to your education, and that you have what it takes to follow through.

It’s your call

While top institutions around the world, many of them are concentrated in either the US, or UK. For the last few years though countries like Canada and Australia are making it inviting to get great education at a more affordable cost. Don’t limit yourself to local schools if you have the option of attending a better one in a different county. In this shrinking, globalized world, the value of an international education and experience is ever-growing, not only professionally but personally as well.

If you are truly considering an international education, then consult an EduPeer college mentor to ask any questions to learn how to use their experience to make your journey efficient and enjoyable.