Job hacks that college doesn’t teach you


Job hacks that college doesn’t teach you

No matter what kind of first job you are in—internship, part-time, full-time, with a small firm, or a big company—you are bound to feel lost initially. This is simply because all the theoretical courses in college can’t really prepare you for the realities of the working world. While you learn the tough ground rules, here are a few job hacks that will help you navigate the times with ease:

1. Ask questions

Many new employees hesitate to ask questions as they feel it will expose their lack of experience or understanding and make them appear less competent. Here is the truth – no one expects you to know everything. But you will certainly be judged for being passive. Show your curiosity and willingness to learn. You learn as you grow into your role. So, stop hesitating and ask questions. Everyone appreciates honesty.

2. Follow the right boss

Jack Ma said, “Before 30, it’s not which company you go to, it’s which boss you follow.” A good boss teaches you differently. You not only learn the technical work you need to do but also absorb the passion, attitude, and personality traits critical to get ahead. So, if you find a boss who’s headed somewhere, latch on. They will only appreciate your interest.

3. Be patient and persevere

We are living in the era of instant gratification. Everything you desire is available at a click. But there can be no app to substitute for experience and job satisfaction. Work success is a slow, meandering, uncomfortable and messy process, with no shortcuts. So cut yourself some slack and embrace failure and setbacks. Try, try, try, until you succeed.

4. Network

The word ‘network’ here does not apply to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Network in an old-school way and in the real world, where you actually talk to people around you. Leave your phone behind when you go for lunch or meetings. Introduce yourself to your colleagues and make real connections. This idea is articulated by author and inspirational speaker Simon Sinek. “Ideas happen when our minds wander, and you see something inspiring. Moreover, it’s a chance to turn to the person next to you and actually have personal interaction.” This is how trust is formed.

All of us are seeking success. But if we buy into the myth that it comes quickly and magically, we are working against our own selves.

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