Resilience In The Times Of COVID-19


Resilience In The Times Of COVID-19

We entered the year 2021 feeling hopeful that the dreadful year that brought upon the first global pandemic in 100 years was behind us. Little did we know that just as we were pulling our guards down, the second wave had begun taking shape.

The current situation has impacted every individual. Even the ones who have remained untouched by the virus are battling mental fatigue and burnout. It is a time where organisations are relooking at resilience and helping the teams adapt to these challenging times and recover from this crisis.

At an individual level, you can take several steps to enhance your resilience. You can do it by focusing on creating a greater purpose, working on building connections and nurturing your hope.

Reward Yourself

When it is hard to find bigger joys, look for the little moments of happiness in your routine day. Reward yourself when you achieve something at work. It could be as regular as hiring a person for your business, delivering a code or making a presentation. Reward yourself with something you enjoy, like taking 15 minutes off to play with your kids or watching a video.


If you are struggling to focus and feel the anxiety is getting the better of you, it may help to establish clear boundaries. It will allow you to focus on one thing at a time and develop mindfulness. For instance, have defined timings for your work. As you are working from home, you are likely to mix work tasks and house chores during the day. It may overwhelm your already exhausted mind. Similarly, try to dedicate a specific space in your house as your office. When you are done, switch off your computer as a sign of logging off.


If ever there was a time when sharing your feelings mattered the most, it is now. As you are not socialising, there are good chances that you are not feeling connected with the outer world. As human beings, we have an innate need to be in the company of people we like. You can address it by calling your friends or indulging in activities with your children. The important point here is to commit time to yourself and be consistent in your efforts.


Have trust that others are willing to offer support in these challenging times. If you are feeling too pressured or are emotionally exhausted at work, try to divert work to other people. If there is no one else to look after it, try to seek an extension in timelines. Do not hesitate to take professional help if the issue seems bigger. Several organisations are supporting their employees in these times by offering anonymous support from counsellors. Choose that option if you feel a continued sense of doom, helplessness or loss of interest.

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