To All Those Seeking Admission In College, With Love

To All Those Seeking Admission In College, With Love

It is that time of the year when the end of application season is in sight, but for many of you it is not over yet. Whether it is the stress of semester tests and college application deadlines, or the stress of managing the job along with the applications – it is a tough time. We are assuming that the holidays are not testing your nerves with family related stress as well.

It is that time of the year when it seems like you could have had an offer from your early application or first round schools, if only you had mentioned that one little extracurricular that you forgot, or if you had changed that one line in your SOP. It is the time when you feel that your whole life depends on where you get admission for your next step, regardless of who you are or what you have achieved till now.

It is that time of the year when even you evaluate yourself by the grades you receive, or the annual review by your boss, by the hours you have spent preparing for your tests or projects, or for how long you have ignored your loved ones.

Let us tell you that it is also that time of the year when you need to know something very important. It is not always obvious, because many times in supporting you, your loved ones get wrapped up in the same craziness that you are in. But you need to know and remember:

You are NOT defined by the college you get admitted to,
You are NOT defined by a letter or number – grade, score, or rating
You are NOT defined by a set of instances that happened in your life, good or bad


You are defined by your kindness, to others and yourself
You are defined by your ability to get up, after you fall down
You are defined by your courage in enjoying and managing life

And though it seems that life will be worthless without this one success (grade, college admission, or promotion at work), take it from the people who have gone before you that celebrating life as is and making the best use of your current moment is your best bet under all circumstances.

Do not put yourself down. Take a break. Talk to a friend or family member. Share your dreams and doubts. Watch or read something inspiring. Take a walk. Eat something nutritious. Add some exercise. Get some sleep. Thrive. Enjoy the beauty around you. Be grateful for all the things that go right. Tell someone you love and appreciate them.

And remember you are loved, valued and appreciated for being you.
Your life is meaningful. You were born to make a difference in your own special way.
Being alive is a chance to be able to enjoy what is good, and work to improve what isn’t.

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