Personal Effectiveness: Your Mantra To Success

Personal Effectiveness 5

Personal Effectiveness: Your Mantra To Success

Several thinkers and industry leaders have delved into defining success and its anatomy. You may agree with some and not so much with the rest. In the end, it all depends upon your individual goals and challenges.

However, what does not often get talked about, is how well you use the available resources to achieve your personal and professional goals. And this is where you can make a difference. When you perform to your highest ability, you challenge yourself and also maximise your personal effectiveness.

What is personal effectiveness?

The standard definition of personal effectiveness is how well you can use the resources like energy, time, skills, strengths, etc. to achieve your goals. However, we live in a dynamic and disruptive world where the meaning of high performance is no longer static. Success is no longer about getting a job done. Personal effectiveness thus has evolved and can mean doing a job better than it could be done.

How can you improve your personal effectiveness?

Develop positive self-perception

Doubting yourself comes in the way of achieving your goals at unexpected times. The way you perceive yourself can impact your personal and professional life in more ways than you can imagine. To become personally effective, you need to move a step beyond positive thinking and tell yourself, “I am better than what I used to be.”

Set clear goals

Are your goals well-defined to the smallest details? If not, you need to work on them and make them clear and measurable.

Play to your strengths

More often than not, we spend so much energy and time on our weaknesses that we forget about our strengths. At times, it is more meaningful to use your strengths in achieving your goals instead of spending countless hours on improving your weaknesses.

For instance, selecting a career path that matches your inherent skills or growing your hobby into your profession can give you desirable results. Moreover, when you play to your strengths, you also get more confidence as success becomes inevitable.

Take a break

You are only human, and everyone deserves a break from time to time. Not only to recuperate from the excruciating demands of your work life but also to create space in your mind and life to think and plan. Learn to unplug, and refresh yourself to work to your best ability.

Develop agility

It is essential to continuously unlearn and relearn if you want to stay relevant in today’s time. Have a curious mind and develop the habit to question but with humility. Ambiguity is part and parcel of the game, and embracing it will help you become resilient to change.

Learn to say no

Finally, saying no to things, activities or people that pull you back from your goals can help in improving your personal effectiveness. If you think something is distracting you from your personal or professional goals, it is better to let it go.

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