Why is having a mentor important for your professional growth?

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Why is having a mentor important for your professional growth?

The first couple of years in a corporate job can be overwhelming. While the current education system does a fantastic job at teaching you the theoretical concepts of your professional line, the practical aspects are more or less missing. When you join work, you may feel you are in terra incognita.

When you are fresh out of college, your spirits are high, and you want to give your best to your work. You look up to the leaders and aspire to hold a similarly significant position one day. You are clear about the destination but not so sure about the course. It is where having a mentor can make a difference.

Being under the guidance of a mentor with meaningful professional experience can help you chart a desirable career trajectory for yourself.

Why do you need a mentor?

Whether you are new in your job or have spent a considerable number of years working, there will be times when you will not have answers. There will be work challenges, dilemmas surrounding job changes, problems with coworkers, and several moments of self-doubt.

During such times, a mentor can provide you with relevant information to give you the right direction. They will also show you a different perspective to widen your vision.

How can a mentor help in your professional journey?

Provide knowledge

Your career growth depends upon the skill and expertise that you accumulate along the way. A mentor will look into their own experience and offer you meaningful insights to take the right steps from early on.

Getting a different perspective from a person you trust will also give you confidence in your decisions. More than anything, they will not let you repeat the mistakes they once made.

Set goals

To be able to perform well in a job, an individual needs to be intrinsically motivated. Having clear and achievable goals can give you the required inspiration. As you reach your milestone, you will find yourself pumped up to continue on your envisioned path.

Of course, there can be periods where you will find yourself slacking. A mentor will act as your timekeeper at such times and give you the push you need.

Sounding Board

Although your mentor may not be in the exact circumstances as you but could have handled similar situations. For instance, you could be having a disagreement with your manager or a coworker. The answer to your problems could be right in front of you but not visible to you. A mentor can help you see them or offer solutions you had not thought of before.

Secondly, if you have an idea, you can bounce it off your mentor and see if it is worth exploring. A mentor can also help you refine your idea for a successful outcome.

Elevate your interest

When you spend a few years on your job, you may start questioning your choices. You may feel you are losing the drive you once had. A mentor can give your options and motivate you to see things outside of your work commitments to contribute to your organisation and elevate your interest.

Who is a perfect mentor?

Your mentor should be in the same field to help you with useful information and knowledge. They will be able to identify with your predicaments, and you will be able to relate to their responses. Ideally, a mentor should be a senior and should have significant years of experience in your field. Most importantly, they should be someone you look up to and trust.

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